To date, ТМ "Вкусный мир" offers:

Vanilla bagels "Malyutka";
vanilla bagels "Standart";;
vanilla bagels "Chelnok";
vanilla bagels "Kroha";
crackers with raisins;
vanilla crackers;
bagels with poppy seeds on the rope;
corn bagels on the rope;
sweet "straw";
salted "straw";
classic oatmeal cookies;
oatmeal cookies "Malyuk";
corn cookies;
gingerbread "Saturn in the glaze";
gingerbread "Honeyed";
cookies "Tender".
Frozen foods:
vareniki in stock;
pelmeni in stock;
pancakes in stock;
meat balls;
cutlets in stock;
noisettes "Apetitnie";
kebab with meat;
schnitzel stuffed with liver;
stuffed-cabbage "Home" with rice.